coffee alternative

Our mission is to bring health and vitality to consumers, communities and our planet.

We believe mesquite has the power to change the world.

We built Kamana with a desire to leverage business as a force for good. That means social impact and regenerative agriculture are the driving forces behind everything we do. When you purchase Kamana Mesquite, you're making a better choice for your health, and creating positive social and environmental change.


Changing our relationship to energy

Across the world, people are unconsciously addicted to caffeine, relying on it as a band-aid fix to feelings of fatigue that result in anxiety, gut issues and poor sleep. We believe in real, natural, sustainable energy that doesn’t come from caffeine, but rather a balanced diet, healthy routines and, of course, a little mesquite.


Uplifting desert communities

Mesquite grows in arid desert lands which often lack natural resources to support the more than 800 million people who live in them around the world. Growing demand for mesquite through our coffee alternative can create economic opportunity for these desert communities.


Offsetting our planet’s carbon crisis

Mesquite trees have an extremely high carbon sequestration index, and help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Studies show that preserving and planting more mesquite could play a role in offsetting the global carbon crisis.


A climate-resilient, sustainable alternative to coffee

Arabica coffee plants, which fuel over half of the multi-billion dollar global coffee industry, are being impacted by climate change. Mesquite is nitrogen-fixing and thrives in high temperatures, which makes it less water-intensive and more resilient to climate change than coffee.

Be a part of the change

Drinking mesquite is a better choice for your health and wellbeing, and even creates a positive impact on people and the planet.