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Mesquite 101

Mesquite thrives in deserts all over the world

Mesquite, scientifically known as Prosopis, is a hearty desert legume tree that grows naturally in drylands all over the world. Mesquite trees are native to parts of North and South America, and were later introduced to Africa, Asia and Australia. There are more than 44 species of mesquite which each have unique biological properties. 

An ancient superfood with superpowers

From a desert community staple

For centuries, the resilient mesquite tree which thrives in hot, dry climates has been a staple to indigenous desert communities. From its roots and leaves to its pods, all parts of the tree have been used for food, drinks, firewood, furniture, shelter and medicinal remedies.

To a superfood growing in popularity

In more recent years, the pod of the mesquite tree has gained popularity because of its exceptional nutrient density and impressive health benefits. Mesquite powder or flour, which is made by drying and milling mesquite pods, is added to drinks and smoothies for extra nutrition or used as a gluten-free flour alternative in baking.

Now, the most delicious and nutritious alternative to coffee

Kamana is one of the first companies to realize and share mesquite's unique ability to replace coffee. We use a proprietary method to slow roast mesquite pods to create a bold, nutty flavor, and then mill it into grounds which can be brewed and enjoyed just like coffee (without the anxiety, gut issues and poor sleep).

One ingredient, packed with health benefits

Wild-harvested with love in Peru

While mesquite trees grow all over the world, Peru is one of the only countries with an established supply chain for mesquite. Prosopis Pallida (Peruvian mesquite) also boasts a unique flavor profile that is sweeter and bolder than other species. 

Our mesquite, which grows in the North near the Andes, is naturally maintained without the use of pesticides. Once a year, mesquite pods are wild-harvested by local farmers in the community. 

The pods are then transported to a facility in Lima where they are washed, dried, roasted and milled to perfection before being packaged and shipped to the United States.

We’re more than just a coffee alternative

Beyond a healthy superfood and a delicious and nutritious alternative to coffee, mesquite has incredible potential to create positive social and environmental change.


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