For years, I lived in big cities and worked in high stress startup environments. I was completely wrapped up in the hustle culture and caffeine fueled me. In 2022 I had a life-changing experience and left my high stress life in NYC in search of greater purpose, personally and professionally. I traveled the world on an “Eat, Pray. Love” journey, slowing down, healing and reconnecting to my body. 

On my journey, I realized that caffeine had a horrible impact on me.

It was causing a lot of the anxiety, gut issues, hormone imbalances, and poor sleep I was experiencing. I realized I needed to cut out coffee, and tried everything from matcha to mushroom coffee and tea. But nothing matched the flavor and ritual I loved, so I settled on decaf, knowing it’s often full of chemicals and not completely caffeine free.

Then one day, I accidentally discovered mesquite.

At a cafe in Cape Town, I ordered a decaf coffee that tasted so good I declared it to Instagram as my “favorite coffee in the world” – pic for proof! Dozens of cups later, I learned from the barista I wasn't drinking decaf. I was drinking mesquite, a superfood coffee alternative they sold as a “healthier decaf coffee.”

I began researching the idea of bringing this better-for-you alternative that actually tastes and makes like coffee to the US. But in my search for more meaning, I was looking for a triple-bottom-line business opportunity. So when I learned about mesquite’s incredible potential to impact people and the planet, Kamana was immediately born.

But I couldn’t bring Kamana to life alone. I needed the yin to my yang, someone with a similar mission who could help me turn the vision into a reality. I knew it had to be Kristen, so she joined the team and the rest is history (in the making!)